Aussie's new season of the Bachelor with Honey Badger is all we need and more

Sport 26/06/2018

Over here in NZ, we never quite nail any of our attempts at reality TV shows, and Aussie has just showed us up once again.

On their season of the Bachelor this year, they've got none other Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins, ex-Wallabies player and total Australian heartthrob.

If you can't think of who that is, here's a lil recap: 

He is the king of one-liners, and now he's taking his game to a pool of hungry women, battling for his love and affection. The promos for the season have just been released and it'll make you want to get amongst this season even more.

How could you not want to get in on that lean piece of Australian steak? 

And now here's our opinion, why does New Zealand not get a really genuine Kiwi bloke as their next contestant?

Art Green was a total 10, but Jordan never quite came across as genuine, and Zac Franich was a bit meh. Why don't we find a really classic footy playin', farm lovin', stubby wearin', beer drinkin' dreamboat for some kiwi girls to swoon over?? An achievable bloke with some great banter.

I mean come on, look at that mo.


New season of The Bachelor Australia coming soon to Bravo on FreeView Ch. 4, SkyTV Ch. 12, and ThreeNow