Cheers to parliament we can now say laterz to letting fees when moving flats

News 02/11/2018

Everyone knows moving flats is a pain in the bloody ass.

Sure, maybe you're slightly upgrading from the hovel you used to live in, but along with lugging all your shit between places (and probably strapping your mattress to the roof of your car haphazardly - we don't recommend doing this across the Harbour Bridge fyi... doesn't end well from personal experience), you have to pay a shit tonne in fees. 

Well, we've got your good news for the day... parliament have banned Property Managers and landlords from charging letting fees when you move in to a new place. 

They used to be about a weeks rent plus GST and your first born child, and parliament rightly reckoned this was asking a bitttt much:

"When moving into a new rental property, tenants can face up to four weeks' bond, two weeks' rent in advance  and one weeks' rent as a letting fee  in addition to moving costs. With homeownership rates at a 60-year low, this change recognises that we need to take action now to make rent more affordable so people can save to buy their own home," said Housing Minister Phil Twyford.

The law will come into effect as of December 12, so all you students changing flats for summer can rejoice. More money for all dem summer festies are we right?!