We're f*cked, China to introduce new social rating system just like in 'Nosedive'

News 14/03/2018

Remember the infamous episode of Black Mirror, Nosedive?

The one where everyone in the universe rates their social interactions out of five, and where you go in life and how people percieve you is on said rating?

Well China has announced that they will be introducing a similar system by 2020, a social credit rating system in which each citizen is rated on their own  "trustworthiness".

The highest amount of points you can get is 950, and the lowest beign 350.

Things that could lower your rating are as simple as cancelling a dinner reservation or being friends with someone "bad" on social media... (time to unfriend your dealer). And when your rating is low you could face travel restrictions, and even slower internet speeds.

If your rating stays in the higher percentile, you get some meke rewards including discounts on public transport and shorter waiting times in hospitals.

Hopefully the people of China don't fall into a pit of despair like Lacie does in Nosedive, obsessed with the steady decline of her rating and raising it up again.