Chris Lake releases hilarious video of when the vocals of 'Deceiver' were first drunkenly recorded

music news 10/12/2018

If you're a fan of Chris Lake, you'll know his 2018 hit 'Deciever' VERY WELL.

Well, have a look at the epic moment Green Velvet drunkenly came up with a vocal idea for a beat Chris Lake had been working on for a while.

"Well, here's something special for you. In a moment of drunken madness on the stage of the Holy Ship spice h2o stage, I had a chat about a beat I was hoping to get a vocal on from Green Velvet. I mentioned it to him whilst he was drunkenly swaying from side to side, wearing a Mr.Incredibles superhero outfit and he said 'I have an idea, lets record it now'."

The footage above was taken shortly after they had cut it together... And we feel like this is a moment in history!

Hear the offical track below: