Conor McGregor has broken the Internet with his penis, again

MMA 23/07/2018

MMA superstar, Conor McGregor, has made headlines once again for his 'DGAF' indecent exposure on Instagram.

McGregor is known for not giving a shit about the stuff he posts, and well, just not giving a shit in general. 

This time round, he's posted a wee mirror selfie in his Calvin's, shortly after a "great swim in the beautiful Irish Sea", and all we can say is CLEARLY shrinkage in the cold is no issue for this man. 

Shamelessly posting a pic with a semi, McGregor has broken the Internet.

See below:

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Many people have posted comments on the pic too, some stating how cringe the pic is, others absolutely frothing at the sight of his penis. 

Wtf Conor smh I was showing my mom around IG when we scrolled onto this post.

McGregor has even replied to some of these comments, the best way he knows how:

And of course, this is not the first time we've seen his package pertruding from his pants, the first being in his fight against Floyd Mayweather earlier this year where we can only guess he was a little too hyped about the fight?


Conor McGregor's penis at the Floyd Mayweather weigh in
Getty images

He even has no shame in wearing REALLY tight white pants in a family pic... That's one way to let everyone know you got a massive wang.

Hey, if you got it, FLAUNT IT.