Crazy story behind fentanyl-laced cocaine at Electric Forest revealed

festival 13/07/2018

The Bunk Police are a US-based drug test-kit company who set up at festivals so that punters can test their goods and make sure they aren't laced with anything dodgy. 

At the Electric Forest festival a few weeks ago, a batch of cocaine that was laced with fentanyl (an extremely strong and often deadly synthetic opioid) was going around, picked up multiple times in tests by the Bunk Police. One volunteer from the company has recounted his bizarre story of tracking down the dealers and the consquences - it's quite a wild ride!

The dodgy drugs were narrowed down to two dealers in the end, one of whom filmed a tear-filled apology for the Bunk Police, and the other knowingly continuing to sell the laced coke to unsuspecting buyers at the festival. 

You can read the whole yarn from the volunteer below, including the video of the apology from one of the dealers. It's a long-but-good 'un!