Critics reckon the new Venom movie ain't shit, here's why

movies 05/10/2018

We've been looking forward to this one for a while, but we shouldn't be getting our hopes up apparently.

Venom, the first superhero movie in the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters, stars Tom Hardy as the dogged investigative reporter Eddie Brock. When he attempts to dig into the practises of evil scientist Dr Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed), Brock becomes infected with an agressive alien - Venom.

We reckon that sounds pretty cool right?

Well, the movie has a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics currently, which is.... not great to say the least. 

Critic Peter Bradshaw for The Guardian described the movie as being "riddled with the poison of dullness", with the main conflict being "tiresome" and "self-defeating".

This was a theme across most of the reviews, thinking the movie was devoid of a sense of fun. Tom Hardy claims that some of the best parts of the movie were lost in the 40 minutes that were cut from Venom's final release which might explain why. 

Hardy himself was apparently the only saving grace of the film, with his performance being mostly praised across reviews. 

Todd McCarthy from the Hollywood Reporter was pretty darn unimpressed overall:

"The only startling moment in the thoroughly irredeemable Venom that makes you sit up and take notice comes at the 71-minute mark, when the sight of a disheveled, stubbly, sweaty and bloated Tom Hardy jolts you with the realization that here is the perfect actor to one day play Harvey Weinstein. For that insight and that insight alone, this film is valuable. Notwithstanding the guaranteed profits stemming from any film with the Marvel brand attached to it, those involved should reflect upon the truth of the pic’s advertising tagline: “The world has enough Superheroes."

Ooooph, rough man.

Bryan Bishop from The Verge compared the movie to the absolutely shocking 1997 Batman & Robin:

"The film is utterly dissonant, recalling the weird camp of Batman & Robin, which illustrates a fundamental conflict between the presentation of what the Venom symbiote is and does and the filmmakers’ efforts to turn his story into a Deadpool-esque laugh riot."

He did compliment Tom Hardy's performance though, so there's that.

But you know, we're still gonna watch it and make our own opinions. Critics have been wrong before, so fingers crossed they're wrong again.