Denver is about to become the first city to ever decriminalise magic mushrooms

News 14/01/2019

The US city of Denver, Colorado, could be the first city EVER to decriminalise the use of magic mushrooms. This is following a petition that garnered just under 10,000 signatures in favour of the psychedelics.

The next step in the process will be a ballot in May which will allow voters to decide whether they think the mushrooms should be decriminalised.

Decriminalize Denver, the group supporting the movement, need to legitamise the signatures which will then make the petition valid to move forward.

We want people kept out of prison, families kept together,

Decriminalize Denver campaign director Kevin Matthews said.

That was the main motivation for this.


The conversation started after the success of the city legalising cannabis in Colorado state, but we're not sure if this'll get passed due to the risks involved. 

Colorado though... Could be the 'trip' of your life?