Dillon Francis and his plastic bag are doing the least on the Grammys red carpet

Right Here Right Now 04/04/2022

In either the biggest fashion faux pas or hugest 2022 mood ever, Dillion Francis showed up at the Grammy Awards looking like he'd stumbled onto the red carpet after making a hungover supey raid on a Sunday night. 

The DJ wore classic Vans slip-ons, black jeans, a blue teeshirt and a gold chain for his look, but his accessories were what caught the most attention. 

Old mate carried a box of snacks - Entenmann's Little Bites - in a plastic Walgreens shopping bag, and also held up his official Grammys ticket, presumably to avoid being mistaken for a pleb and thrown out by security. 

Dillon posed alongside Diplo at the event, who scrubbed up a bit more in a black suit, turtleneck and bright blue hair. 

We have some questions: 

  • Is Dillon's new track going to be called 'Little Bites'? 
  • Is this sponsored content from Walgreens? 
  • What are Little Bites, are they yum? 
  • Do they not feed the celebrities at the Grammys? 
  • Aren't plastic bags banned these days? 
  • Is this the vibe we can expect when Dillon comes to NZ for a show in July?

Confusing, but we're kind of into it…