Diplo thankful to not have been swept out of Jet after door breaks mid-flight

News 27/09/2021

Yeah, we'd be pretty thankful too if that happened to us mid flight.

Before the release of his new tune 'Promises' with Paul Woolford and Kareen Lomax this week, Diplo was set performed in El Paso Texas over the weekend.

However, telling his fans on Insta, Diplo shared that on his way to the show the door seal of his Jet broke mid flight.

'mid air our door seal broke and we had to sit with seats belts on tight so that we didn't get swept out the airlock like princess Leia in episode 8..' the DJ wrote.

'but we didn't die so thats the good news and we are on track to live and work another day.'

Now we've watched enough final destination to know not to get into an airplane with Diplo after this because it's not the first time he's had a mid-flight scare like this. 

Back in 2019, on his way to a show in Minneapolis, the pilot's window completely cracked open mid-flight.