'If you continue this...': Diplo responds to kid who DMed him for 335 straight days

Right Here Right Now 27/06/2022

Diplo has replied to a fan that has been messaging the DJ once a day for almost a whole year, which is either a hell of an achievement or a total waste of time, depending on your point of view. 

The DJ shared a video to his sosh med channels showing him scrolling through the DMs sent to him by the fan, which read simply:  "Day x of DMing Diplo." 

Diplo said it was the 335th day he got a message from this battler, meaning they started sending the DMs in late July of last year. 

In the second part of the vid, Diplo addressed the mystery messager directly, telling them: "If you continue this, on the 365th day I’m gonna buy you a pizza party for you and your family." 

Some comments on the TikTok were kiiind of hating on Diplo for the reward, pretty much calling him cheap.

Others said that Diplo better hop on the decks at the pizza party, or at least drop the pizza off.

If you're thinking this could be a weird but effective way to score a free feed, Diplo did say he doesn’t plan on making this a common occurrence. 

Not everyone who dms me for a year is getting a pizza party, don’t get any ideas lol.

Of all the cooked DMs you'd likely receive as a famous DJ, these ones are maybe the most deserving of a wholesome family pizza party.