15 posts that prove Diplo is and forever will be the king of Instagram

music news 17/12/2018

If you didn't already follow this EDM powerhouse on Instagram, you really need to get amongst because he will make your day nearly everyday.

With every post comes the most hilarious captions - Diplo is literally the king of banter.

As we conclude the year and look back at what happened, we thought we'd put together our favourite posts from Diplo of 2018, 15 examples of how he is literally Instagram's GOAT.

Prepare to LOL.

"Updated my LinkedIn"

"It's Britney bitch"

"Always juiced, never pressed"

"Weird flex but OK"

"Looks like I'm about to drop a fire adult contemporary album"

"I'm the nice guy at the farm"

"I was having a great time until I remembered that bees are dying at an alarming rate 🐝🌎💫"

"Thinking of a world with no plastic straws"

I feel like JayZ ... But Beyonce dressed me

"2006 me had the best weed but also could use some spare change #tbt"

"When you drank too much Henny before the salon"

"This was an honor to attend 👑🙌"

"I'm the grown version of lil Tay"

"You can't break my heart cause I don't have one"

"🤳 when the song isn't shazaming"