Drugs, drugs and more drugs, ‘Narcos: Mexico’ just released official trailer for new season

Netflix 19/10/2018

Hola, strap yourself in and get ready because ‘Narcos: Mexico’ is hitting our screens in just a couple of weeks and we’re fizzing.

From the previous three seasons of Narcos, we know to expect a lot of drugs as it focused on the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and his battles with the DEA.

This epic trailer takes us to back to the 80's, looking at the birth of the Mexican drug war.

So, like we said A LOT OF DRUGS.

DEA agent Kiki Camarena, played by Micheal Pena moves his family to Guadalajara to follow the Guadalajara cartel and Félix Gallardo, who sells a shit tonne of marijuana, played by Diego Luna.

We’re expecting a hefty amount of Cocaine because of all the snorting along with Sugarhill Gang’s “White Lines” playing in the trailer.

Truth be told we are just stoked for our fave drug fuelled crime show to be back and watch the action unfold.

The release date for the whole season is Friday, November 16th so you can binge watch the full 10 episodes.

Have a geez and see for yourself what we mean by A LOT OF DRUGS.

Written by George contributor Molly Kirkbride.