Dua Lipa thinks she was the first ever female artist to play Tomorrowland but couldn't be more wrong

music news 24/07/2018

There has been a massive effort made from many festivals around the world to reel in way more female talent in an effort to create more equal line ups and give female artists more of a platform.

Tomorrowland is one of the said festivals to garner some serious girl power over the years, including international artists such as Dua Lipa, who performed at this year's festival.

Dua Lipa is NOT the first female artist to play Tomorrowland, but has falsely claimed on social media she is.

The tweet has since been removed (most likely due to the insane back lash that then ensued) as the statement just simply wasn't true.

Many Twitter users fired back after the claim, calling Dua Lipa out on her clear neglect to fact check.

We love Dua Lipa and we're stoked she got the opportunity to perform at such a monumental festival, but it's important to be aware of and acknowledge other female artists who came before her.

Although she has removed the tweet, she is yet to respond.

Hopefully next time she double checks with someone before posting.