Dustin from Stranger Things just said Happy Father's Day to Steve and we're losing our minds

Netflix 18/06/2018

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' has created a cult-like following since the first season aired a couple of years ago, and people are losing it after Dustin AKA Gaten Matarazzo along with other Stranger Things cast members posted a video wishing Happy Father's day to none other than Steve Harrington(Joe Keery).

If you've watched Stranger Things season two, you'll know that Dustin and Steve conjured a really tight big brother/little brother bond that fans were obsessed with, and it's probably one of the best subplots in the whole show. So, when Dustin shouted him out for Father's Day saying Steve was pretty much a dad to them, IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER.

Here's the clip for you to froth over here: