Eating bacon once a day can increase your risk of dementia

News 23/03/2021

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but it seems like eating bacon once a day can have the opposite effect. Maybe bacon and eggs on a sunday isn't a great idea...

Scientists from the University of Leeds have found that consuming 25g of processed meat (equivalent to one rasher of bacon) can increase your risk of getting dementia by 44%.

Not all hope is lost though as eating unprocessed red meat like pork, beef and veal can help protect against dementia. People who ate 50g a day of those meats were 19% less likely to get the disease.

"Worldwide, the prevalence of dementia is increasing and diet as a modifiable factor could play a role. Our research adds to the growing body of evidence linking processed meat consumption, to increased risk of a range of non-transmissible diseases."

The study observed 500,000 and their diets however a PhD student said,

"Further confirmation is needed, but the direction of effect is linked to current healthy eating guidelines suggesting lower intakes of unprocessed red meat could be beneficial for health."

Looks like there’s no point going to work anymore… what’s the point if we can’t bring home the bacon.