FBI agent dancing in the club does a back flip and accidentally shoots some punter

WTF 05/06/2018

On off-duty FBI agent has gotten himself into some serious trouble after a stunt in a nightclub over the weekend. 

While the tunes were pumping and he was getting down and getting low, he proceded to do a back flip, which then ended VERY badly for everyone involved. 

As he flipped, the agent's gun fell out of his pocket, which freaked club goers out but luckily the drop safety prevented the gun from firing. Unfortunately though, when the agent went to then retrieve the gun, it accidentally discharged, shooting a bartender in the leg.

Luckily for the bartender involved, he will be okay and make a full recovery. At least no one was seriosuly hurt, but maybe they should rethink those gun laws.... Oh wait.

Here's the video of the whole debacle below: