Festy goer is groped 22 times within 10 hours at Coachella

Coachella 23/04/2018

An editor of magazine Teen Vogue, Vera Papisova, has opened up to the media about her time at this year's Coachella festival, and the sexual harassment she believed to have experienced during here time; saying she was groped at least 22 times in a span of 10 hours.

Vera was interviewing women at the festival for a piece in Teen Vogue and said that least 54 females said they were also groped at the festival.

She explained that although the festival seems picture-perfect, there's a darker side to it where she was "repeatedly violated by strangers".

This is why I usually wear a backpack in concert settings — it forces distance between the stranger behind me and my body.

In one situation, her friend left her to see another act, to which a guy then came up behind her, whispered that she was a "goddess", then proceeded to rub his hands on her hips and butt.

Despite several different situations in which this occurred for several different people,  some disagree that the angle used in the article Vera wrote was very valid, due to the environment they're in. (One fused with drugs and alcohol)

One angry Twitter user had this to say,

So things worked out for you to be able to write an outraged story about yourself, AND you did Coachella. Victim branding is a very fortunate job arc, although it's terrible that a woman gets ''groped'' that many times in an environment that seems ripe for groping.

Other Twitter users asked what she was wearing, as some sort "she probably was asking for it" ploy.

Pretty controversial if you ask us!

Read the full article here.

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