FFS, Eden and Erin from Love Island have broken up

Love Island 03/09/2018

The first down under version of the ciritcally acclaimed show from the UK, Love Island, was a raging success for a lot of reasons.

Love Island Australia brought us laughs, lots of good-looking people to stare at, and plenty of drama, but one of the best things to come from it were that couples actually fell in love. These couples being Grant and Tayla (or Grayla to most of us), Eden and Erin, Josh and Amelia, and Mark and Millie. Nice!

Yeah well, not so nice anymore.

Grant and Tayla's relationship quickly imploded shortly after final episode where they won the entire competion, because Grant was actually a bit of a dog and had a secret GF for the entirity of the season....

Anyway, now, much to our despair, another Love Island couple has called it quits.

The A1 Day1 couple, Eden and Erin, who were the only couple to stay together for all 30 episodes, have announced on their Instagram accounts that they have decided to "part ways".  

Although not everyone liked them, many believed their feelings to be legit, but we guess the Love Island fantasy did not last forever.

Already there are thousands of fan comments on both Eden and Erin's posts sharing their devastation over the breakup (you know, because if love isn't real on reality TV then it can't be real in day to day life, duh).

Us right now: