Flume is allegedly dating someone in her 40s and we're like fuck bro, nice work!

music news 27/06/2018

Flume has always been one of EDM's most eligible bachelor's but the latest news is that he is now TAKEN.

Who's the lucky woman you ask? None other than best-selling author, Kelly Oxford. What's special about Kelly and what all the media can't get over is that she's 40 years old.

Our boy Flume is only 26, which means there's a hefty 14 year age gap between the new couple.

This is her down below:

The author is a divorced mum of three, and an absolute MILF if we do say so ourselves!

As well as this she's the head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! so she's a total #GIRLBOSS

Well Flume, all we gotta say is GOOD GRAFT BROTHER.