Football fans allowed to bring drugs into this years World Cup games

News 01/03/2018

This year's FIFA World Cup 2018 is being hosted by Russia and every one amping up for another massive competition.

The World Cup has already started turning heads with the announcement that marijuana, cocaine and heroine will be 100% allowed in the Russian stadiums during the game. 

The Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union have said they will let foreigners bring in otherwise illegal substances into the country, as long as the correct documentation is done.

According to FIFA rules, both Russians and foreigners can take up to seven items of medicines to the stadium, but not more than one package of each, unless another volume is prescribed by the prescription

This is interesting considering it comes after some other news from Russian authorities, who originally said that England supporters wouldn't be able to buy booze at the stadiums that were hosting matches in the tournament, however this didn't go down too well.

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister then followed this in saying that beer would be allowed for all punters in the stadium in every zone, and that they'd be cheap AF.

Crikey, this year will be one hell of a FIFA for all football fans.