For the space cake connoisseurs, Netflix is launching a weed-base competitive cooking show

Netflix 01/06/2018

Netflix 100% caters for literally any interests, and now there's a new niche group they want to feel included!

They have announced they will be launching a new competitive cooking show like no other... well, it'll be just like any cooking show except the competitors will be expecting to cook using weed. 

That's right. Weed. Marujuana. The good kush. Ganja. The devil's lettuce, whatever you wanna call it!

It will be called Cooking On High (wow, so many puns), and is set to release on 12th June. The show will be hosted by YouTube personality Josh Leyva, with comedian and cannabis activist Ngaio Bealum.

The purpose of the show will be to find the ultimate culinary weed expert. 

Are you game?