Fyre Festival founder and head idiot is facing up to 40 years prison

News 07/03/2018

Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland was charged with wire fraud last July and now has reportedly been found guilty of two counts of wire fraud, each carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.

If you recall early last year, Fyre Festival, the supposed brand new A-list luxury music festival held in the Bahamas, turned into utter and complete shit leaving thousands of stranded rich kids in the middle of the Caribbean ocean, with no food and barely any shelter, trying to get back home through a closed airport.

Organiser's reveal why Fyre Fest was a tragic cesspit

As well as the wire fraud, he has been charged with providing false financial information to at least two investors, and generally mishandling the entire event, McFarland also allegedly “misrepresented the company’s revenue to be in the millions when it actually earned less than $60,000,” according to Consequence of Sound.

Thank God there is some justice for the idiot who organised it (or didn't.... because it was a total shit show...).