Game of Thrones release cruel April Fools joke on all of us naive fans

Game of Thrones 02/04/2018

The sweep of April Fools jokes have hopefully finally come to an end for another year and this year held more than its fair share of build ups and cruel gags.

In this years most devastating news, HBO, the humble creators of our favourite show Game of Thrones, tweeted a massive announcement that would've made anyone's day.

The tweet stated that the next season, which sadly has said to be released until 2019 (UGH WTF) would be released August of this year!! 

Many punters were over the moon by the news, because quite frankly, fuck having to wait that long, but as it were, we were fooled once more by another April Fools reckoning. WE STILL HAVE TO WAIT TILL 2019.

Why do you do this to us HBO??? Why?!