German tradies hit the jackpot, score 28-hour working week

News 13/02/2018

German metal and engineering workers have won the right to a 28-hour work week after taking industrial action.

IG Metall, Europe's largest trade union, won its workers the right to work under six hours each day in a deal that covers about 900,000 workers in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The agreement, which came after a series of strikes at multiple engineering companies, is expected to spurn changes in other industries across Germany according to The Independent.

The union argued that workers should be allowed the option to prioritise their personal life over their pay packets, whether they want to spend more time with their family or be able to volunteer in the community.

The catch is that at this stage, the deal can only be taken up for two years.

IG Metall leader Jorg Hoffman told The Independent that the agreement is a "milestone on the way to a modern, self-determined world of work".

Rainer Dugler, head of the employers' association for the metal and engineering industry, said the strike action has paid off.

It was worth the effort. We have laid the foundation for a flexible working time system.

Source: Newshub.