Get yo creep on with Sims 4's newest first person feature

Gaming 09/11/2018

All of you Sims fans, listen up.

Have you ever wanted to see things through the eyes of your sim? Well in the next Sims 4 you’ll be able to switch views at any time, including a first-person camera.

This awesome feature will be possible by pressing shift + tab, and you’ll get the experience that you’ve always wanted.

This seems like an awesome way to get more involved in one of all time fav games.

You’ll be able to watch TV as your Sim, see them having an odd conversation or even having a cheeky “woohoo?” (root)… maybe… but that's weird... Why did we suggest that?

Check out the live stream of the new development that was announced by the Sims global community manager, SimGuru Kate.

Here's some of the best responses to the new feature.

The new update should be available by November 13th.

Written by George Contributor Molly Kirkbride.