Girl gouges out her eyes while on meth, Mother speaks out

News 23/02/2018

Drugs are all fun and games until someone gets too fucked up, right? But sometimes it isn't laughable, and can be pretty horrifying.

Kaylee Muthart, 20, from South Carolina Has experienced the worst case scenario when dabbling with methamphetamine. Kaylee was found gouging out her own eyes with her fingers during a meth-induced hallucination.

Many onlookers tried to help her but she fought them off. She didn't stop until POPlice arrived and were able to enduce her.

The doctors at the hospital she was admitted to worked to extract what was left of her eye-socket and treat the wound to ensure it didn't become infected.

Her mother Katy Tompkins said:

I can't even explain that feeling when I found out, it was horrifying. Complete terror.

Kaylee is now completely blind and requires a guide dog, which her mother is currently raising money for via GoFundMe.

Her mother wants this to be a message to anyone to stay away as far away as possible from meth.