Grand Theft Auto could be cookin' something in the kitchen with artists like Black Madonna and Dixon

Grand Theft Auto 30/05/2018

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always been on the ball when it comes to music, curating radio channels from Soulwax, Flying Lotus, Frank Ocean and waaaaay more. Each game generally switches it up though, and rumour has it, the apparently upcoming GTA game will include a whole bunch of techno.

Detroit selector, The Black Madonna, took to Twitter over the weekend to share a poster of what looked like something from Grand Theft Auto. With a lineup boasting Dixon, Solomun, Tale Of Us and herself, with nothing but‘Summer 2018’ written underneath, it's extrememly vague but does ring some bells.

Because Los Santos is a city from the GTA V game, many are predicting that this could be the poster for a radio station within the game. 

How fucking cool would that be?

Here's the poster here... you decide for yourself.