Gull has got backs, and are dropping petrol prices by 12 cents a litre

News 20/09/2018

Cut-price petrol station Gull will temporarily be dropping the price of petrol by 12 cents, making the average price of 91 petrol across its stations $2.05 a litre. That's some extra pocket money for ya bottle of Scrumpy this weekend!

Prices will go down across all of its stations from 7am on Thursday until midday on Friday. THAT'S TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY.

Gull spokesperson Rohan Mehta said it was about making the most of spring weather.

"Most of us around the country are restricted nowadays when it comes to our weekly fuel spend so, here at Gull we decided to offer greater relief at the pumps so people can enjoy this change of weather and get away for their weekend adventures," he said in a statement.

"Yes, petrol prices have reached record highs due to international oil prices soaring and the NZ dollar depreciating. 

"With a 3.5 cents nationwide fuel excise tax waiting to come into effect from September 30, 2018, petrol is only set to break the current record high prices."

There is no maximum or minimum fill, but only North Island residents will be able to take advantage of the deal as Gull does not operate in the South Island.