Guy nearly blows off his genitals when E-cigarette explodes in his pocket

News 10/07/2018

46 year-old, Jason Curmi, has been left with second and third degree burns to his upper thigh after his trusty E-cigarette's battery completely exploded in his jeans pocket.

The explosion is just inches away from his genitals, and inches away from being a VERY sad, sad story.

The burns were severe enough that Jason now needs skin grafts, and a brand new pair jeans after the explosion has left a gaping hole in the pair he was wearing.

Jason had been using an E-cig' to combat his durry cravings after quitting darts about 3 months prior. 

It all went down after he arrived at work one day, and after settling in, began to feel a war sensation on his leg. Shortly after this, and after a loud bang, he noticed he was actually on fire. 

His colleagues then put the blaze out and proceeded to take him to hospital. 

It's shredded my jeans, and my boxers. It's a miracle it didn't do more damage to be honest.

Well, we're glad you're okay, mate. it could've been a lot worse.