HBO just confirmed our worst possible fears of what GOT's season eight has in store

News 14/03/2018

We all know that most of our favourite Game of Thrones characters have experienced tragic deaths, and the creators are not scared of breaking our hearts time and time again.

You kinda mentally prepare yourself to not get too invested in case there's another Red Wedding...

Unfortunately for us, the next season won't be out till mid 2019, so we have WAAAAY too much time to think over the fate of our favourite storylines and come up with as many theories as possible (Bran is definitely the Night King lol, just saying). 

This week our minds may be put at ease (or not) for a little bit longer as HBO's Senior Vice President of drama, Francesca Orzi, has warned of some pretty significant deaths in the upcoming series.

Essentially most characters are going to die.

None of the cast had received the scripts prior, and one by one they started falling down to their deaths

In a script reading with the whole cast, everyone was left in tears with the final outcomes of all their beloved characters.