Here's all the Netflix shows we reckon you need to get stuck into this November

Netflix 05/11/2018

Here's a list of Netflix must-sees for November.

WARNING: you might be cancelling most of your plans to fit them all in.

House of Cards, Season 6

Available November 2nd

Although, for a short minute, we questioned if this series would continue, we can gladly say that this season is the one we're most excited for. 

With the show announcing it will soon come to an end, what better way to do it than with Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright) as the leading role/boss ass bitch. because guess what? She's now President. (lataz Kevin Spacey)

If it's not just the curiousity of seeing how it will really all end that makes you want to get amongst season 6, it should be the total change in power we see mid-season from Frank Underwood's reign to the start of Clair Underwood's very own epilogue. 

Narcos: Mexico

Available November 16th

Narcos: Mexico, a series that was initially meant to follow suit from the previous four seasons of Narcos, but has now ended up becoming a companion series all on its own, has been one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

You can bet your top dollar that this season will be as intense as ever before, now following Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo and the Guadalajara cartel in Mexico. Things get spicey when DEA agent Kiki Camarena gets caught up in the mess and in a little over his head. 

Manchester By The Sea

Available November 3rd

This was a film released in 2016 that will now be available to Netflix that will get you right in the feels. It's led by character Lee Chandler, played by Casey Affleck, and follows his life being turned upside down after his brother has passing away and him then becoming the sole caregiver of his teenage nephew.

The relationship between both uncle and nephew is a pretty heart wrenching one to watch, and we'd recommend it for a rainy day in.   

Shameless, Season 8

Available November 6th

Although it's been out for a while, the eighth season of Shameless has finally found it's way to our binging hub.

This season follows the Gallagher's through the same hectic antics we've grown to love, like "Ian in trouble with the law, Fiona facing her feelings and Frank hiding in a porta-loo," and it definitely ends on a cliff-hanger.

The 12 episodes will be an easy series to do in one sitting, and hye, if you've already streamed it illegally online, it's time to watch it again!

Outlaw King

Available November 9th

This Chris Pine medieval war epic follows the "true and untold" story of Robert and Bruce in Scotland around the time when it was possessed by Edward I (of England). They fight back against the tyrannical reign of the King in hopes to overthrow.

It's hearty and action packed so you'll want to give this film your full attention (which we're sure you'd do anyway since Chris Pine is in it),

The Sinner, Season 2

Available November 9th

The first season of The Sinner was one of the most mindblowing original series Netflix has ever released, so when season 2 was announced, many of us went a lil nuts.

Although Cora's story is over, Detective Harry Ambrose's is not, and season 2 follows him as he returns to his hometown and dives into a completely new investigation of a couple who were murdered by their 13 year old son.

Just as shocking and jawdropping, with so many unexpected turns in the plot, and with the main murder suspect being a kid, it'll get you all kinds of fucked up!