Hilary Barry just shamelessly dropped a C bomb because she's the goodest c*** out!

funny shit 26/09/2018

Broadcasting angel, Hilary Barry has never been one to hold back what she's thinking.

Today she's made headlines after drafting the most epic Tweet reply to someone who thought they could called her out, stating she was a, quote, "stupid c***".

The whole thing unfolded after Hilary posted a reply to an article about Clarke Gayford "sitting" his and Jacinda Ardern's baby daughter Neve, to which she said,

Dads parent. They don't babysit.

Too right, Bazza!

Here's where it gets good though.

In a now deleted comment, a user we only know as "The Chosen One" replied to her statement saying, "shut up you stupid c***. Nobody gives a fuck about your pedantic bullshit. Bloody picking every little thing out"... 

But then ol' Bazza comes in hot with possibly the most unapologetic reply this year.

My c*** isn't stupid. Quite the contrary; it's spectacular. Thank you though for your valued feedback.



Fuck, we love NZ amd we love Hilary Barry!