Hold ya shit vegans, Domino's has just announced it will serve vegan cheese on its menu

News 31/07/2018

Domino's has made the announcement today that their resteraunts will now serve vegan cheese on their menu, after a survey they performed last year proved there was a very high demand for it.

In a statement from Domino's NZ;

Domino’s has heard the call and now vegans across New Zealand can indulge in delicious, cheesy pizzas with today’s launch of vegan cheese onto its menu.

The move to plant-based, and meat-free products is one of the biggest trends in food, and Domino’s General Manager Scott Bush said the Company was excited to launch the product to the menu.

Domino’s decision to add vegan cheese followed a survey on the Company’s Facebook page in March this year to test demand for the product across New Zealand.

“We were blown away by the response to the survey and for this product in general,” Mr Bush said.

“At Domino’s, we pride ourselves on our ‘hungry to be better’ mantra and listen to what our customers want.

The popularity of, and demand for, vegan products has increased considerably over the years so it’s great we are now able to offer this high quality, non-GMO, plant-based Vegan Cheese.

How good?!