Hybrid Minds share epic video of NZ crowd, challenge UK fans to 'match these levels'

Right Here Right Now 19/05/2022

Get me back to summer man. 

The legendary drum and bass duo Hybrid Minds have posted a TikTok showing off an awesome NZ crowd absolutely looooving the sun and the tunes, singing along to Let Me Hold You by Hybrid Minds and NetSky.

We’re not entirely sure, but it looks like the gig in the video is from a gig in Nelson early this year that featured Netsky, Hybrid Minds, Montel2099, Friction, and more.

“Hopefully the UK can match these levels from New Zealand this summer”, the caption says, simultaneously showing love to NZ crowds and pushing the buttons of UK DnB listeners and festival-goers. 

A couple of comments on the TikTok show it may have irked our British pals. 

tiktok comment saying "does anyone acutally doubt the UK when it comes to energy level"
tiktok comment saying "yea course UK has the best crowds"
tiktok comment saying "this is a garden party in comparison"

Those guys can believe what they want, we know how sick the RnV hill can be, the emotions that run through each and every one of us as Wilkinson brings in the new year.

Getting back to Summer and being sweaty in a moshpit listening to DnB for 6+ hours three days in a row is all that's on my mind at the moment. 

Just look at the pure vibes being exuded in the video. Only an NZ Summer could look like that. Take me baaaack.