Incredible new website is a must have for all festival lovers

Right Here Right Now 07/07/2022 is THE website for all you festy-heads out there. 

If you’ve ever wanted to check what festys are happening around you, who’s performed at RNV the most (spoilers: our very own Dick Johnson), or find the best lineup of all time (hello 2012 RNV), you got to check it out.

It lets you “explore past lineups, ticket prices, set times, festival maps and key announcement dates for hundreds of festivals spanning over 30 years of music” in NZ and Aussie.

The site went up last month and we’ve already been spending a bunch of time playing around on it.

Another cheekily fun activity you can do on the site is travelling back in time and looking at how festival posters have changed over time. 

Look how basic the first-ever RNV poster was… 'Leisure activities', hell yeah!

The site says the database is still growing, so if your top festival isn’t on it yet, just be patient mate. 

There’s also an extremely useful ‘Festival Calendar’ that displays nice and easy when Festivals are happening. 

It also provides links to buy tickets and lets you know if any festivals get postponed or cancelled.

Truly a dream come true, shout out to Bookmark it ASAP team.