Instagram account is creating "lineups without males" and it looks pretty grim

News 08/03/2018

In light of International Women's day today let's show some appreciation for the wahine, and get real on the lack of representation of women within many areas of the industry.

An Australian Instagram @lineupswithoutmales account has decided to make a statement on the lack of women within the music industry and photoshopping all men out of festival lineups.

We are quite used to the idea that music is very male dominated space and that something like a festival lineup's diversity isn't shocking till you see it straight in your face.

Some may argue that lineups are like this because "the males are the better talent", but that's a fairly huge and surface level statement to make considering there's nothing saying that women aren't any better or worse at music. 

We love our talented male and female artists all the same, let's just hope this isn't due to lack of opportunity.