Is it Yanny or Laurel? The question that has divided the world

WTF 16/05/2018

In this week's segment of mind-boggling internet finds, a robot voice has people second-guessing their ears.

A Reddit debate has spread the clip across the internet and begs the question: do you hear the word 'Yanny', or 'Laurel'?

Years after social media users were divided by the photo of the white and gold dress - or blue and black - optical illusions have been the cause of fascination.

However, this is arguably the first auditory illusion to have gained such widespread attention.

The clip has left Reddit users perplexed.

"I don't know how to explain it bro," said RolandCamry.

Another denounced all Yanny-hearers:

I hear Laurel and everyone is a liar.

Still others said they could hear both.

While there's probably a reasonable explanation for this to do with frequencies, most Reddit users chalked it up to "black magic."