Jason Statham's endorsement of the new Chase and Status album might just make your day

Right Here Right Now 17/06/2022

Hollywood superstar Jason Statham has shouted out Chase and Status' new album 'What Came Before' on Instagram and it is a beautiful piece of internet content.

The 'Fate of the Furious' star starts the video in his iconic British accent calling himself 'Jason Status' - what a bloke.

Jason Status here, taking a moment to share with you something very special.

He then holds up the beautiful vinyl cover of the album and tells his 30 million Instagram followers to get some top-quality DnB in their playlists

Download it, buy it, steal it, stream it, do what you need to do,

"Jason Status, 'What Came Before', 13 pieces of gold... Do the right thing," he says. 

Not only did the massive celebrity endorse a piece of DnB gold, but he got a custom vinyl cover it seems, with 'Jason Status' printed on the back of the cover.

Wowee. This might do down in DnB history. 

As expected, the comments on the vid, which was also shared on Chase and Status' gram, are going off. And it's not just fans but other huge artists freaking out about it as well. 

Andy C, Shy FX, Becky Hill, Sub Focus and more all commented on the vid. 

This is legitimately an awesome moment not just for Saul and Will but the genre as a whole, which has been rocketing in popularity over the last few years.

Hopefully, this means either Jason Statham is gonna be kicking it front left at RNV's main stage come New Years or there's gonna be some DnB in his next high-octane action movie.

Now that the one and only Jason Statham has endorsed the album, read what us here at the George had to say about it.