Jonah Hill drops trailer for directing debut Mid90's, a nostalgic masterpiece that we're all here for

trailer 26/07/2018

We all know comedic actor, Jonah Hill, from iconic films such as Superbad, Accepted, The Wolf of Wall Street, 21 Jump Street, and plenty others, but soon were going to know him for so much more.

Hill just dropped the trailer for his very own indie film 'Mid90's', which he both wrote and directed, and the Internet are losing their minds!

Mid90's follows a 13 year old kid, Stevie, who's seemingly struggling through adolescence and trying to fit in to a new crew of mates.

The film delivers some serious nostalgice vibes, and is revolved around skate culture, giving it that very indie film aesthetic.

Many expected Hill's directing debut to utilise his more comedic side, but instead he's pleasantly surprised all of us with what looks like a very coming-of-age story.

Check out the trailer here, along with a bunch of Twitter's responses: