Kanine played Lee Mvtthews tune in Croatia and one half of the duo saw it live

Right Here Right Now 13/07/2022

Kanine has chucked a Lee Mvtthews tune into one of his sets at a music festival in Croatia - and one of the Lee Mvtthews boys saw it live and was lapping it up. 

Kanine, up there with the biggest DnB artists in the world, paid respect to the Kiwi duo by bumping their latest tune, 'Infinty' w/ Freaks & Geeks in the midst of a filthy mix during his set at Hideout Festival. 

The footage was posted to the duo’s Instagram & Facebook and Graham Matthews can be seen absolutely looooving it. 

Go on son, you’ve earned it. 

Their caption on the vid reads:

Watching our music get played across the globe is a crazy feeling, even more so with this hectic blend from @kanineuk 🐕

The vibes are immaculate not just in the video, but also in the comments, with followers heaping plenty of praise and recognition of the moment on Lee and Graham. 

“Can’t even imagine how good this must’ve been,” said one. 

“You guys are gonna blow up even more so,” called another. 

Kanine himself commented on the pic, which led to a little bromance moment between the two DnB legends. 

It’s always awesome to see talented individuals get their flowers, especially when they’re fellow Kiwis, and double-so when they’re friends of George FM.

It seems that 2022 is the year that keeps on giving for the dynamic duo

This year they've dropped ‘Thinking About’ - an absolute belter of a tune with ShockOne, and back in May they also completed a legendary six-hour marathon of a set in Auckland we want to relive over and over again.

Keep on killing it boys!