Kara sings her fave Kiwi anthem along with Max Key and other Kiwi "celebs"

VNZMA 22/11/2018

What's the best way to compile a definitive list of the greatest Kiwi anthems of all time? Ask all the celebs on the red carpet at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, duh!

Of course, there are other options, such as reading the track listing of a Nature's Best CD; but I think my mum threw out all her copies out in the early 2000s after receiving one for each of her last seven birthdays. 

So, I stuck with plan A, which was to accost as many celebrities as I could on the VNMZA red carpet and force them to answer a very tricky question with absolutely no preparation.

Luckily, they rose to the challenge. Che Fu, Drax Project, Sons of Zion and Chris Mac from Six60 all belted out their favourite Kiwi jams like they do it for a job or something. 

Some of the less vocally gifted were also happy to grab the mic - quite literally, in The Edge host Dom Harvey's case. He would not give it back.

I even managed to get Max Key to chime in with a little ditty, despite the fact that it didn't really align with his 'I-wear-sunglasses-inside-because-I'm-a-DJ' vibe.

Check out the video to find out which Kiwi bangers you should be blasting at your next BBQ.