Luude had Mattafix's 'Big City Life' as his ringtone - now he's dropped a 2022 remix

Right Here Right Now 17/06/2022

Luude is absolutely killing the recreation of some pretty big tunes!

After reaching number 1 in the New Zealand charts with his take on Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’, he has hit the nostalgia mark once again with his latest rework of Mattafix’s 2005 #1 hit ‘Big City Life’.

The Aussie producer joined George Breakfast’s Lee and Tammy for a chat about his latest recreation.

“Because of how ‘Down Under’ did, Mattafix hit me up for a remix and ‘Big City Life’ used to be my ringtone, so I was like absolutely I’d love to do it,” Luude said about the opportunity.

You just wanna play it in a club and have everyone sing on the drop.

“It gets that reaction from the crowd with everyone singing along,” he added.

No doubt we will be smashing the sh*t out of this tune.

Give it a listen below!