Making a Murderer Part 2 is out this October, because the case is just gettin' started

Netflix 26/09/2018

After nearly three years, one of Netflix's biggest ever true crime documentary series, Making a Murderer, has officially released it's premiere date for Part 2.

The Part 2 of this series, which follows convicted murderer Steven Avery and is apparently just as worthy of binge watching as the first season, delves even deeper into why he was wrongly convicted and why the jury believed Avery was responsible for Teresa Halbach's murder.

According to Deadline,

    "Part 2 introduces viewers to Kathleen Zellner, Avery’s hard-charging post-   conviction lawyer, in her fight to prove that Avery was wrongly convicted and win his freedom. [Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos] follow Zellner as she tirelessly works the case and uncovers unexpected evidence about what may have happened to Teresa Halbach and about how and why the jury convicted Steven of her murder."

This part of the series will feature most of the same people involved in the case, narrowing in on Zellner especially.

Lock in October 19 for this one!