Man arrested on drug charges nosedives over second-floor balcony to escape courtroom

ouch 07/05/2018

Don't do drugs, kids.

If you're not a kid and do do drugs, then please don't do this either.

35-year-old Utah man, Christopher Clay Rudd, who was in court after being arrested on drug charges, decided his best course of action to escape his impending conviction was to bolt out of the courtroom and throw himself head-first over a second-floor railing and slamming into the floor below.

He was handcuffed too, so nothing to brace his fall except for his head, neck and back.

A court spokesman said Rudd broke his leg and pelvis, and fractured his skull.

The poor security guard on the ground floor saw the whole thing happen and try to catch him - but couldn't quite make it.

The video is pretty brutal, and not for everybody. Below.