Maori company become the first in NZ to receive medicinal cannabis licence

News 27/08/2018

Hikurangi Cannabis are now the first company in New Zealand to receive a legal cannabis licence from the Ministry of Health. This licence allows them to legally cultivate and grow cannabis plants for medicinal use.

This is good news not only because it's a progressive step in the right direction for New Zealand, but will create a huge amount of jobs for the community surrounding Hikurangi Cannabis. Hikurangi Cannabis is located near a small and impoverished East Coast town called Ruatoria, so this is a great opportunity for the area.

Over 1500 families and New Zealanders have invested around 2.5 million dollars into this, which has funded the beginning of the project.

Co-founder, Manu Caddie, is stoked to finally be able to execute a pharmaceutical industry in the Ruatoria area, with all the benefits in tow.

We are excited to be able to base this new industry in our community, a rural region that desperately needs new economic development opportunities. Without the strong local support believing in this goal it would not have been possible.

The product is set to be for both local and international distribution.

While all pharmaceutical facilities are currently being built, Hikurangi will be importing affordable products for those in need on an immediate basis.