Mark Ronson says he didn’t “fully love” his behaviour around Amy Winehouse

News 27/07/2021

DJ and Producer Mark Ronson has opened up about the regret he feels over the way he treated Amy Winehouse while she was struggling with addiction issues. 

Ronson produced six tracks on Winehouse's highly successful 2006 Back to Black album, and had co-writing credit on the title track. Their friendship started to get a bit rocky when Winehouse accused Ronson of taking credit for the success of the record. 

"Obviously, we had our ups and downs, and it was troubling," Ronson told The Guardian.

"I don’t know if I fully loved the way that I behaved around her.

"When she was going through addiction, I wish I’d been a little bit more upfront or confrontational about it. But I just was like: ‘Ah, she’ll sort it out – she did it already once.’"

Last Friday (July 23rd) was the 10 year anniversary since Winehouse tragically passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning.