Mulleted Aussie legend wins Open golf tournament and smashes beers in the trophy

Right Here Right Now 20/07/2022

Australian golfer Cam Smith won the prestigious Open golf tournament at St Andrews in Scotland with an epic run of birdies on the final 9 holes - all while sporting a glorious mullet and mo combo. 

Look at that thing move, that’s the hair of a champion right there. 

To reach champion status, Smith had a historic run on the last nine holes, starting off with five straight birdies and delivering one of the greatest final rounds in Open history. 

The prize on offer at The Open tournament is The Claret Jug. First awarded in 1873, it’s a prized piece of golf history.

“Like holding a baby in your arms,” said one previous champion.

So, what were Smith’s plans for the hallowed award? The question was asked in his post-victory interview, and here's how he responded:

I’m definitely going to find out how many beers fit in this thing, that’s for sure.


It’s only a small piece of hardware, but it’s got a nice, deep chalice shape to it, so there’s definitely potential to fit a few brewskis in it. 

The morning after being crowned we did get an answer. Sitting in what looks like an airport or hotel lobby, Smith, looking like he's just woken up from a big night out - as expected - provides us with an answer. 

“I guess everyone’s been asking the question of how many beers fit in the Claret Jug,” he says. 

It’s pretty much exactly two

He then goes on to say he had a good night with the trophy, well-earned for sure.

Congratulations to Cam for becoming a champion and being an inspiration for all those rocking a filthy mullet (also shoutout to his caddie, Sam Pinfold, who’s a Kiwi).