Netflix are preppin' an episode of 'Black Mirror' where what happens in it is up to you

Netflix 02/10/2018

'Black Mirror' could easily go down as one of the best shows on Netflix, and if you thought last season reached it's ultimate climax, think again.

The rumour mill at Bloomberg has reported that Netflix are currently working on a bunch of projects where the viewer (yes, you) gets to choose the outcome of certain story lines, from the comfort of their very own couch.

One of the shows included is 'Black Mirror', and the special kind of episode, completely up to you, is set to be released as soon as this December.

We don't know much else in regards to the new audience-led projects, but it's definitely going to be something that puts Netflix above anyone else. 

We're just not sure if we're mentally prepared for the fucked up endings in Black Mirror (that 100% keep us up night) to be our very own fault...