NYC proposes 24-hour 'party districts'

Culture 07/07/2021

The city that never sleeps may ring as true as ever if a proposal set forward by New York City's Office of Nightlife comes into effect.  

Under current rules, bars and clubs close at 4am in the city, but a new proposal suggests introducing special “nightlife districts” that will be able to remain open for 24 hours a day - like those currently found in party hotspots Berlin, Amsterdam and Miami.  

The new initative hopes to help struggling club owners and businesses trying to make up lost ground after COVID-19.

The planned party districts will be areas with low residential housing. 

“We are recommending this as a pilot to identify areas where 24-hour use might be appropriate; new licenses that are committed to hosting community programming in exchange for this allowance in certain areas have proved wildly successful,” Ariel Palitz, a senior executive of the New York City Office for Nightlife, said. 

Could we see something similar in a low-residential area of Auckland in the near future?